I am a professional photographer specializing in weddings, engagement and editorial photography.


I recently returned from photographing a wedding in Tuscany, Italy. Being in such a richly beautiful environment was a photographic opportunity of a lifetime. I fell in love with the people there, the land, and, of course, the food.


In my past I worked as an editorial photographer, capturing luscious imagery of food, cooking, and people used in cookbooks, magazines and websites for Bauman College for 15 years.


Most recently, the 'Flavors of Health Cookbook' and the award-winning  'New Mexico's Living Landscapes: A Roadside View' prominently feature my photographs.



While I love living in the Bay Area in California, I miss Colorado where I was born and freely roamed the mountains and plains as a child. I also travel a lot to places, such as Siberia and Bolivia and learn about other cultures. l also lived in the Caribbean. Needless to say, my camera accompanies me wherever I go!


I have a wonderful family: Ed Bauman, my husband and Jessica my daughter.